Why hello there! It’s very nice to have you reading today. I am the Steadfast Contessa. Hmm? What is a Steadfast Contessa? Well, I see her as someone who works hard to not let life get her down in the dumps. She is a woman who can laugh in the face of all those silly people who try to make everyone feel like crap because they feel entitled to be the only one in the universe who feels good… and then tosses a bucket of ice cubes down their pants. Sigh… alright, she doesn’t really do that last part, but it would be funny huh?

I am a writer, a tutor, someone that you can go to for advice, and I’ve been told I’m somewhat of a comedian as well.

The reason I write this blog:

I write for you to read whenever you need a pick me up, whenever you want to laugh or learn something new. This blog is written for you, and by you I mean whomever wants to read it. I have no hidden agenda, no desire to be famous, whatever the hell that really does for people I wouldn’t even give two bird poos about anyway…

I hope that I can help as many people as I can and make as many people smile as possible. If I could give out hugs to everyone without fear of getting shot, I’d do that too, because hugs are better than cake… the cake, I hear, is a lie anyway.

Oh, and by the way, turtle necks are awesome. I felt like that needed to be said.


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