Article: Fashion Bug eaten by corporate locust

Fashion Bug retail store. Image Credit:

My friend Cara told me that soon her job would be gone thanks to Fashion Bug stores around the country being closed. Aparently, Ascena Retail Group Inc. has bought out Charming Shoppes to downsize the competition.  Justice, Maurices and Dressbarn, their own stores, are not that common in a lot of areas. I grew up with Fashion Bug, and I enjoy their styles. If they close Lane Bryant next, which they have no grounds to do so because it’s a popular and thriving store, they will lose out on many plus size customers and bury themselves deeper because their 3 Ascena based stores (Justice, Dressbarn, and Maurices) do not cater to anyone over size 26.

I attempted to get comments from Fashion Bug employees on where they were going after the stores were closed out, but none cared to comment. I don’t blame them, they will have no company provided insurance and will be nailed with a fine if they get denied unemployment insurance because they’ll be uninsured liabilities (to the money hungry medical system that is), their bank accounts will be wiped away in the matter of weeks because very few Americans know how to save for an emergency, and there are now even less jobs available out there for them to try and grab up.

Thousands will be out of work and fighting for jobs that in all honesty have no interest in hiring them because it’s just a ‘cold posting’ to keep up with human resource requirements to ‘attempt to fill jobs’ that they have vacant on purpose to save money. Retail will be hit very hard, and if Ascena gets another loan, there will be even more companies eaten up by this corporate locust.


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