Article: Turbine asking players to play 24 hour marathon to raise money.

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Turbine games has been acquired by Warner Brothers. There have been many noticeable changes since Turbine was acquired, but the largest I’ve seen is this game marathon they’re hosting on October 20th. There are many ways to help sick children, but there has to be a bit of sensibility about your health and the health of others that you’re willing to risk to save incredibly ill children.

Going a healthy route, you can cut your hair and let a wig maker craft it into something for a little girl to wear who lost her hair from chemo therapy, you can give blood, and marathons are going on all the time as well as walk-a-thons.

Then there’s the not so healthy ways: you can sell candy bars, a 24 hour gaming marathon… wait, games? I can play games and earn money for sick kids? Tax deductible too?? And I get an excuse to play 24 hours straight? Yes, I love that! Now, it might not actually mean 24 hours straight, but it sure as heck looks like it and can be interpreted that way.

OK, so this is a parody of another game not owned by Turbine, but it gets my point across. Image Credit:

Of course that’s what an addict of MMO’s and other games would say. It isn’t that I disagree with raising money, and Turbine is a gaming company so playing games seems like the best way to do it to represent their company.  It’s sort of like my Tangsoodo school using a ‘kick-a-thon’ to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, in this particular event every kick equaled $1 and I earned over $1,000 in one hour. That is healthy and a nice physical challenge that was carefully monitored by each school participating. It made sense, a martial arts school doing something with kicking. But, a gaming company asking players to play 24 hours straight and being completely aware that addicts will see this along with young children, is a little unethical in many people’s eyes.

Other ways Turbine could have raised money are:

  1. Having people donate their monthly subscriptions to the charity instead of using it to play the game, it’s a free to play game anyway so the players would still have access to limited parts of the game. Or, even better, they could give the players the VIP time they gave money for (if they gave $60 then give them 6 months VIP, if they gave $15 give them one month, etc.). Of course there would be a max limit here for the VIP status, maybe 6 months, so the company didn’t lose too much revenue.
  2. Take half of the revenue earned by Mithril Edition and donate that to charity.
  3. They could have LotRO (Lord of the Rings Online), DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online), and Asheron’s Call badges for backpacks/purses/hats or sell steeds on the game for customers to buy and donate proceeds to the charity.
  4. Have their Dev team do a walk-a-thon dressed up as Lord of the Rings characters with their customers and earn donations that way and maybe even sell their costumes and give additional proceeds to the charity.

That all being said, I will not be participating in this particular event, though I am an avid gamer myself. I know that I will not be able to stop playing LotRO after 6 hours easily as it is very addictive. I will, however, participate in a walk-a-thon for Milestone treatment centers instead, something a little more on the non-addictive side of things.

I wish Turbine the best of luck with their charity! Here is the link for Team Turbine for the Extra Life charity .Please participate with caution, and remember to get up and be active after each hour of game play as the site recommends.

I sincerely hope that Warner Brothers and Turbine incorporate one of these ideas for their next charity drive. I know not all players are addicts, and some youth still actually have parental supervision with gaming, but there are a large amount of people who could possibly be harmed with a 24 hour gaming marathon.

They can stop when they want to? That’s what you think.


Spam mail’s idiotic moments

It’s hilarious when I get spam mail that is obviously fake. I wonder if they really believe that they’re getting away with something by leaving the [Spam] marking at the beginning of their headers. Putting Sgt. in front of their name doesn’t help the matter either…

To: Mrs. Helen Combs

Headline: You almost had me

How I feel with goofy spam errors… Image Credit:

I seriously thought that I was getting my payment from Geiko and Edgar Snyder when I got your email. Then I saw the [Spam] on it. I’ll send you a payment or a gift rather instead of a beating:  a letter discussing that you shouldn’t spam me as it’s poor manners and you along with Sgt. Jason Campbell need to learn how to type so I’ll also send “Idiot’s guide to Typing Non-spam Mail” authored by yours truly, the Steadfast Contessa. If you send me something else, I’ll be writing the both of you a new book called “Dummy’s Guide to Not Being a Moron”.

Thanks, now go back to Dr. Phil please…

To: Lucy

Headline: So now Home Depot is using me on their commercials?

OK, I cannot help you with mold or tooling or plastic parts. I am not a hardware store nor am I a home improvement buff. Heck, you’re better off asking Tim ‘the toolman’ Taylor and waiting for an answer that will never come than asking me to do this for you. Now don’t make me scrounge up extra 2×4’s and start whacking you!  Oh, and tell Home Depot to send me money before I do anymore design consulting, thanks.


The Steadfast Contessa

To Yahoo Mail Lottery, I am not in Europe to collect Euros for a lottery winning. Learn your geography please or how to read as I’m a yahoo mail user, seeing my US Pennsylvania location is not that hard unless you’re blind as a bat!

To Maruice Iwu, I will not contact your personal secretary. Am I also Office Team Temp Agency woman now??? Holy hell…

To Rita Adams, you greet me in the name of the Lord but you really don’t want to hear what name I’ll greet you with!

To Desk of Coka-Cola, yeah there is good news: I like Pepsi.

To Canadiana Pharmacy, you’re still trying to sell me Viagra? Did you talk to another ex of mine and thought I stole his penis too because he cried like a girl when you said you couldn’t hang out because you had to be with family? I think you should try to sell them Midol, you might have better luck with sales…

To Nina E. Brown, this is the will of God? No no no… you must be the new member of our church. It’s not the will of God, it’s the will of Joe Pesce and Tom Cruise. Didn’t you read the handbook?

Article: Fashion Bug eaten by corporate locust

Fashion Bug retail store. Image Credit:

My friend Cara told me that soon her job would be gone thanks to Fashion Bug stores around the country being closed. Aparently, Ascena Retail Group Inc. has bought out Charming Shoppes to downsize the competition.  Justice, Maurices and Dressbarn, their own stores, are not that common in a lot of areas. I grew up with Fashion Bug, and I enjoy their styles. If they close Lane Bryant next, which they have no grounds to do so because it’s a popular and thriving store, they will lose out on many plus size customers and bury themselves deeper because their 3 Ascena based stores (Justice, Dressbarn, and Maurices) do not cater to anyone over size 26.

I attempted to get comments from Fashion Bug employees on where they were going after the stores were closed out, but none cared to comment. I don’t blame them, they will have no company provided insurance and will be nailed with a fine if they get denied unemployment insurance because they’ll be uninsured liabilities (to the money hungry medical system that is), their bank accounts will be wiped away in the matter of weeks because very few Americans know how to save for an emergency, and there are now even less jobs available out there for them to try and grab up.

Thousands will be out of work and fighting for jobs that in all honesty have no interest in hiring them because it’s just a ‘cold posting’ to keep up with human resource requirements to ‘attempt to fill jobs’ that they have vacant on purpose to save money. Retail will be hit very hard, and if Ascena gets another loan, there will be even more companies eaten up by this corporate locust.