More spam mail, and more replies from me…

More spam, and you won’t believe what these silly geese did this time. Seems their relatives, some very distant relatives, are sending me similar messages too.

Forgot to take [Spam] off of the spam mail you sent? That’s OK, just fix it 6 hours later and hope the recipient didn’t notice… Image Credit: CLB, The Steadfast Contessa.

To: Mr. Adams Mensah

Headline: [Spam] Watch the spelling

Oops I made a mistake, redo 6 hours later…

To: Mr. Adams Mensah

Headline: Watch the spelling

I think you should follow your own headline and ‘in good faith’ leave me alone, especially if you’re going for religious people’s personal information. They will remember the spelling errors my friend, just an FYI for when you screw with someone again. In good faith from The Steadfast Contessa, please don’t email me again or I’ll pray to Tom Cruise and Joe Pesci, and you don’t want to know what they can do…


The Steadfast Contessa

To: Mrs. Melissa Lewis

Headline: Sigh… why do people keep thinking of me after seeing a business ad on TV?

You must be related somehow to Pamela Rogers, who thought I was Geiko or and could research her reference number. This is not Edgar Snider and Associates. I will not contact your attorney. If you need someone to work on your will, perhaps not spamming people who don’t know you will get you somewhere. Remember, Edgar Snider and Geiko list their phone numbers and/or email on the commericals… if they’re putting mine there, they need to tell me so I can pretend to be a lawyer and reference number checker woman and get paid my dues.


The Steadfast Contessa

Image Credit: CLB, The Steadfast Contessa.

To Datuk Anuar Ahmad, did Dr. Phil give my email address to you too? If so, you and Marshall Porter need to tell him I am not Dr. Phil  when he decides to take a break. I am not your friend.

To Marina Sanzel, you and Dr. James Williams like sending me hospital things don’t you? I wasn’t at your hospital, if I was I would be dead due to the fact the whole medical team loves to write emails instead of stopping internal bleeding.

To The Princeton Review, you’re cool beans. Thank you for sending me mail and sorry you got put in the spam box for some reason. Maybe you put yourself there to kick the crap out of the spammers for me? If so, extra brownie points to you and have fun (just remember to wash your hands to rid yourself of the infectious spam disease).

To Rita Williams, yes I can see the email is from Mrs. Rita Williams, I’m not stupid. Thank you for insulting my intelligence on how to read email.

To Muhammad Kahn, I’m sure your story is known to the whole internet community… of facebook. Spammers love facebook. So go there, play farmville and eat chips, then make a smart choice to not spam me again or Jackie Chan, Tom Cruise, Joe Pesci, and I will send you a nice email reminder of how we taught you to not spam people.


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