Article: Employers passing your information around… to scammers.

You really have to be careful nowadays, even potential employers will pass email addresses to scam artists carelessly. Photo Credit:

Searching through my emails a few weeks ago, I found my spam box full of horrendous scam emails from thieves begging me to send them my contact information for a job referral or that I had won some sort of contest. I normally wouldn’t even think twice about this, but after realizing that particular email address was only on resumes I sent to employers that I knew were real such as Macy’s and UPMC, I became a little worried. A day or two later, the cell number I use for employers only began to get spam texts with people trying to fish my phone’s address book.

I apply for quite a few jobs daily so it wasn’t as if I could pinpoint which company was doing it by looking at application history. has a lot of scams, but I didn’t place those pieces of contact information there. It has become even more tiring the past few days to sort which job offers are real and which are not. I could have lost out on a real job because of being cautious with my information.

Unbelievably, it could be the angry receptionist who gives your information away so that you do not get the job they want. The brutality in the search for jobs in today’s economy has crazed people pulling out all the stops in order to prevent someone else from taking what they think they need. I even had a receptionist tell me I had landed a job, then a few days later having the manager email me saying they had decided to go with someone internal. Talk about playing dirty, I was even lied to on the phone! Who knows what that woman did with my phone number and other personal information.

Example of one of the scam emails, similar to a Yahoo scam 2 years ago. Original idea, eh?

In no way am I blaming Macy’s and UPMC, they are both reputable and wonderful companies, but someone out there gave out my information without my consent. I would love to know what company did it honestly, so that I do not under any circumstances be it hell freezes over or Armageddon, do I ever work for them.

Reading this you are probably wondering if I’m scared that potential employers won’t hire me because I am putting this information out. I am not scared. Honest employers won’t have an issue hiring me, it’s the liars that will get defensive and black list me.

Good riddance to the scam artists, stay the heck away from me!

If you have stories to tell like this one, please feel free to leave a reply. But no spam, because the site will delete it anyway so don’t waste your time.


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